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Packaging  /  Branding               

I invented the snack company, Jubilee, who produce healthy treats for toddlers. This line of chocolate bars has one for morning, midday, and night, and are all infused with Astragalus root so that these treats will boost immune systems, increase antioxidants, and regulate cholesterol.

I made bold, hand-done logos and bright colors to catch the eye and bring a sense of fun to the products.

Logo design 

Package design 


jubilee logo.png
mock Dawn Revelry.jpg
mock Midday ToDo.jpg
mock Sunset Solstice.jpg

Logo variations, chocolate bar square ratios and surface colors

Gift Extension

Mail in 5 of the outer wrappers of our chocolate bars and receive a storybook that has a time of day-specific short story or poem that parents can share with their little one.

mock book cover.jpg
mock book 1.jpg
mock book 2.jpg
mock book 3.jpg
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