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Block Busters

Branding  /  App Design               

I rebranded Blockbuster Video and updated their business model in the form of a new, yet old, way to go to the cinema.

The experience begins by reserving a personal sitcom-living-room-themed theater. At the theater, you choose from the thousands of classic VHSs from off the shelves, and purchase any refreshment to enjoy with your movie.

The design is meant to take you back to the 90's with the comfort

of colorful patterns everywhere (including the rug,) VHS nostalgia, and the fun of picking out your movie from a rental store.


Logo design

Print design

App design 


blockbusters logo.png

Brand Guidelines

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mock ss.jpg
mock history.jpg
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entire brand guidebook 

Logo Redesign

Anyone over the age of 12 knows the Blockbuster Video logo, so I wanted to expand that color palette, and hearken back to the time when Blockbuster was at its peak; when VHSs came in sleeves and clamshells and the aesthetic was simple and graphic.


Brand Assets




wrk Block Busters-08.png

Store Mockups

wrk Block Busters-09.png
phone mock.png


App - Browse.png
App - Schedule.png
App - Schedule-1.png
App - Checkout.png
App - Checkout-1.png
App - Schedule.png
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