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Branding  /  Experiential               

This surf/skate/garage punk band was fashioned after FIDLAR and just released a new album: Nope Party, with the single, Fuck-all.

I wanted people to get a feeling for this band's punk rock just from the branding, and to do that I physically created much of the assets so that they would have that imperfect look of a grunge zeen. I also chose a limited color palette that would have maximum impact and attitude.


Album design


Experiential campaign 

justdont logo1.png
Just Dont VERT logo-04.png

Full Album Vinyl

Final Vinyl mockup.jpg

The vinyl cover is a collapsed beer case, with its post-mosh pit underside decorating the inside fold.

Full album Vinyl  -  interior

Final Interior mockup.jpg

Single Album Sleeve

Final Single mockup.jpg
Final CD mockup.jpg

Full Album CD

Final Poster mockup.jpg

Album Advertising Poster

Final Beer case mockup.jpg

Album-branded Beer Case

Signature Deck

Final Deck mockup.jpg

Sticker Sheet

Final Sticker mockup.jpg

Experiential Concert

JUST DONT just released their new album, NOPE PARTY, and you're on a scavenger hunt for the debut concert: a three-night, three-band event held at three locations around the city. 

JD experiential-09.png
JD experiential-10.png
JD experiential-11.png
JD experiential-08.png

Spotify Ad

Kickoff social ad with scavenger hunt-like instructions to find the special ticket.

Ratchet Rippers and Bail Beaters,
Hedgecore Heads and Slamdancers,
grab your boards and hit the streets
‘cause if you want in on the most punk-rock
concert since Green Room,
you gotta skate for it. 

JUST DONT headlines for Courtney Barnett and FIDLAR at the end of the month, but if you want to be able to read the concert info on our three posters, first you gotta find your “ticket” at the newest tattoo shop in town. Go get yours!

branded flashlight 2.png


Blacklight mini flashlight found at local tattoo shop.

MOCK courtney poster.jpg
JD experiential-09.png

Concert Posters


Event information can only be read when revealed by blacklight.


Zeen collages for posters were 
physically created and scanned.

JD experiential-10.png
MOCK fidlar poster.jpg


JD experiential-11.png
MOCK jstdnt poster.jpg

FRI concert

JD experiential-12.png
JD experiential-13.png

Stage floating past the wave break. 

Speakers on the beach as well.
Surfing encouraged (gear rental available).

SAT concert

Stage inside the bowl of a large skatepark.

Skating encouraged (gear rental available). 

The JST DNT signature skate deck is also available for purchase (trucks included).

SUN concert

Stage found in abandoned warehouse. 

Full bar selling JST DNT branded beer.
Free Miller High Life (see album song list).

JD experiential-14.png
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