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Clive Astoria Script Typeface

This typeface was inspired by this 1920's ad for the Waldorf Astoria (NY,) which was created by the famous Australian graphic artist: Henry Clive. I tried to be as true to the source material as possible 
(even with so few letters to go off of) and strove keep the classy and elegant look.

Clive Astoria-.png

Clive Astoria - uppercase & within-word

Clive Astoria- title.png
Clive Astoria- alts.png

Clive Astoria - lowercase alts. & numbers

Clive Astoria- ex.png

Lollipop Display Typeface

Lollipop 2.png
Lollipop decorated.png

Lollipop - decorated

Lollipop solid.png

Lollipop - solid

Lollipop outline.png

Lollipop - outline

Lollipop happy.png
Lollipop candy.png
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