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An invented business, new to LA, and devoted to easing the effects of climate change on California by promoting a new, easier spawn method for the delicious and environmental workhorse, chanterelle mushrooms. 

Chanterella is a mushroom fairy that is the brand's namesake as well as the brand spokesperson and mascot. She brings an airy and magical touch to the brand while being inviting as well as educational.


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Experiential campaign 

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Mini Brand Guide

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Experiential Debut Event

The Spore Soiree at Chanterella’s is a sophisticated garden party held at a local park and made to look like the home of our titular fairy friend. The ambiance and experience will have you feeling like you’ve entered the magical world of nature fairies. 

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Held at a local park, you arrive to see a massive mushroom surrounded with a wall of grass. Just outside the entrance is a garden stand holding petite flute glasses.


Chanterella greets you and offers the glasses of champagne (that also has Shrinking Potion in it.)


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Then, walking through the tunnel sends you through four layers of streamers of rich green grass; each layer is thicker and more textured as the grass gets bigger around you. Your fairy companion also seems to grow until you are the same size. 


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Within, Chanterella invites you to shed your shoes, if you wish, and relish in the earthy smell of the area. Glass-encased earth cubbies are available to store your belongings for the evening. 


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The evening is spent enjoying yourself as you mill about the various things to do, including: an open bar, live orchestra with a moss-coated dance floor, three gourmet chanterelle entrées, and a chanterelle roasting station. You can also learn about Chanterella’s spore-selling business and the benefits of nurturing chanterelle growth in California with a fun spore-spawning activity.

Floorplan Map

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At the end, Chanterella will explain the parting gift: a potted sapling you are invited to plant at home to help facilitate future mushroom growth. Within the fairy world is an example of the gift –  as tall as a full grown tree. 

Leaving the party, you take your Enlarging Potion and exit through the tunnel once again. Outside, you receive your tree sapling gift – now small enough to easily carry away.

Parting Gift


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